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Green Chemicals Consultancy

The discovery of oil and gas in the 1920s brought about the greatest industrial revolution of human mankind. We have been pushing the edge of this industrialisation since then and even further today. So much so that we are ignoring the destruction that we are bringing to our environment.

We see this as an opportunity to develop Green Chemicals. Crude Oil is made up of Hydro Carbon chains while vegetable oil is similarly made of hydro carbons fatty acids. In many of the current applications, vegetable based chemicals can have a significant cost advantage over crude based chemicals. One classic example is the short chain Fatty Acids from coconut oil. Till today, crude oil based short chain acids entail a much higher production costs than coconut based.

We see tremendous potential in Green Chemicals and welcome collaboration or consultancy with partners in the following areas :

  • Esters and surfactants, sulphonates, ethoxylates
  • Lipases
  • Green Lubricants