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BioOIL as Boiler Fuel

BioOIL has been a significant green project undertaken in my capacity as the founder of a start-up since  2009. BioOIL is made of 100% vegetable oils and/or animal fats mainly from the oleochemical industry. As it does not contain sulphur, it is even cleaner than the current Diesel fuel that we used in Singapore which contains 50 parts per million of sulphur.

Properties of BioOIL 


  • made from renewable material
  • contains approximately 8∼10% less energy than diesel
  • contains 8∼10% in oxygen
  • cleaner burn than diesel
  • viscosity ranges from 4 cst to 80 cst at 40 deg C
  • has a narrow range of Hydro Carbon chains from C6 to C22
  • Sulphur Free
  • Ash free
  • Dark Red Color

Conventional Diesel

  • extract from oil wells
  • pure Hydro Carbon chains
  • does not contain Oxygen
  • contains 15∼2000 ppm of Sulphur
  • produces acidic exhaust as Sulphur dioxide
  • Viscosity from 1 cst to 10 cst i.e Light Diesel Oil to Medium Gas Oil
  • Light Yellow Color

Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits 

Through ingenious engineering, we have extensive experience in using BioOIL in boilers and are able to save approximately 3 to 5% in costs for our customer. BioOIL gives us huge amount in Carbon savings as it is a direct replacement of Diesel fuel.

Our Burner in Action