A Clean Energy & Green Chemicals Company

About Us


Sometime in 2014, an opportunity was given to us by our favorite customer Panasonic Refrigeration Devices Singapore to embark on a solar project. Looking at the sun, an inspiration came to us and Tamago Sam was created. Our logo signifies the sun that powers the all the activities on earth and on a lighter side, it looks wonderfully like a Sunny Side Up :)

With 14 years of previous experience in a renewable energy startup from organic chemicals synthesis to plant construction, we stand in good steed to assist our partners and customers to expand into the green chemicals and renewable energy space.

What about “Sam” ? 

Sam also stands for “Sustainable Assets Management”. Our philosophy is to co-invest in clean energy assets and green chemicals technology with our customers with both carbon reduction and cost savings in mind.

Our Mission Statement 

To promote clean energy and green chemicals with cost savings for a better world.